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May 14, 2022

May 2022 Market Report - Madison MS Homes for Sale

Hey Guys, I’m Donna Taylor, owner/broker of Taylor Realty Group and resident of Madison, MS for over 20 years, here today to tell inquiring minds what the Madison MS Real Estate Market is Like in May of 2022.  Keep Reading or just watch my YouTube Video




So, every single day, I have someone who knows what I do, ask me, wow, you must be busy, this is a great market to be a real estate agent, right?  They are surprised when I say, no, it actually sucks for most agents right now.  Imagine their surprise and the look on their face when I say that!  But, it’s true.  So, I explain to them, it’s awesome if you’re a seller, but about half of my transactions I represent the buyer side,  and let me tell you, honestly, it’s not a great time to be a buyer.  Today, in Madison, MS there are 76 active listings of homes for sale in 39110…that’s the Madison zip code, that’s right, there’s only one zip code in Madison!  Those prices range from around $200k up to $2.4 million.  The average active list price is around $743k, but the median list price of active listings is around $600k.  This honestly is higher than normal only because, the active listings go under contract so fast, it skews the number. Most homes in Madison go under contract withing 2-3 days with multiple offers of course!  The average closed price for Madison which is $428k over the last 6 months.  Right now, there are 184 pending listings in Madison where the avg is $450k.  The Average closed home price in Madison for the last 6 months is up from a year ago, where the average closed price was around $385k.  That’s an increase of 11%.  That’s not as high as the national average, but it’s definitely higher than we are used to seeing in Central MS.  


So, back to my answer of why my job is so hard right now.  As you’ve probably heard, there’s an inventory shortage.  The absorption rate in Madison is currently one month, this simply means that if there were no new listings and sales continued at the current rate, in 30 days, there would be zero houses for sale.  In a “normal” market, the absorption rate should be around 6 months.  So, what’s the big deal you ask?  Well when I’m working with a buyer that wants to put in an offer, and the listing agent calls me and says, hey, you’re one of 10 offers, can you see why this is hard?!!  Can you understand why many buyers are suffering from “buyer fatigue”, trust me, it’s a thing!  So, how do you "win" (geez I hate to even use that term)…a bidding war in this market.  Well, there are a few ways, but some of them I hate to even suggest.  Because many times it takes making an offer with an appraisal gap coverage, or waiving inspections, none of those things I would advise a buyer to do, but unfortunately, in this market, that’s what it takes.  If you don’t have the cash to make that happen, and you’ve got to find a home in Madison MS quickly, there is always new construction options.  I’ve noticed lately that the new construction listing days on market, seem to be slowing a bit.  And with interest rates on the rise, I’m hopeful the market will start to slow a little.  It sounds crazy that a real estate agent wants the market to slow down, but remember, we need inventory.  I’m not a fortune teller, but I do expect the market to stabilize a bit after the summer rush.  So, if you’re even thinking about buying or selling anytime in the next 6 months…go ahead and reach out to your Realtor now (or call or text me if you don’t have an agent)…it’s time to get your ducks in a row and start looking for the house that checks maybe 8 out of 10 of your boxes, because you’re going to have to go in strong and jump on that dream house well into the rest of this year.  Gone are the days of calling your agent and saying, oh what can you show me in my price range, and I’m able to show you 10 houses!  If you called me right now, this very second and told me you’re pre approved for $400k and what can I show you in Madison between $350k and $400k, there are only 4 houses to show you..and 3 of those are new construction and probably not even to be occupied in the next 45 days!  So, trust me when I say, let’s go ahead and get the ball rolling.  It will likely take you 4-6 months to get into a home in this market!


And, in case this is one of the first You Tube videos of mine that you’re watching and you want to see what makes Madison MS so great, (insert link to that video) be sure to check out the video I did about why Madison is consistently rated as one of the top cities to live in!  In that video I go into detail describing why Madison gets an A+ rating on NICHE.com for our schools, safety, and all the things that make a city a great place to live.



If you’re thinking about moving to Madison, check out my website at www.taylorgroupms.com, it has all the local MLS listings that is updated every 10 minutes.  You can set up a saved search based on your dream home criteria and you’ll get an email every morning if something hits our MLS that fits your wants!  It might take a little longer than you want to find that perfect home, but it can happen!  I have a few buyers under contract right now…some it took 6 months to get there and others just a few days!  So, hang in there!!





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May 9, 2022

Shopping in Madison MS

Hey Guys! I’m Donna Taylor, your local Madison MS real estate broker and resident of Madison MS for over 20 years.  In today’s video I’m highlighting the best spots for shopping in Madison!  I will be  ranking the 3 best places to shop in Madison.  And I have to admit, it’s probably not going to be what you think!



If you google shopping malls in Madison, MS…you’re likely to come up empty handed…and that’s because there are no true “malls” in the city of Madison.  I know, this is frustrating to me too!  I love to shop, but have no fear, there is plenty of shopping nearby.  The city just south of Madison is Ridgeland.  It’s still in Madison County and less than a 10 minute drive from the city center of Madison.  Ridgeland is where most people in Madison go to shop!  So, in no particular order, here are my top 3 picks for shopping!


1.     First up is Renaissance Mall…Its located a stones throw off of interstate 55. This is an outdoor mall that has some of the prettiest fountains and landscaping around.  Renaissance Mall is my favorite place to dine and shop.  There’s several restaurants here, most of which would be considered fine dining, but there’s some casual spots too.  There’s also an Apple store, Barnes and Nobles, Sephora, Orvis, American Eagle, and Anthropologie just to name a few.  There’s several women’s and teens dress shops to satisfy most any shopper and a Fresh Market Grocery Store.  There’s also a movie theatre here that has a pretty cool fountain show out front.  It really is something to see at night!

2.     Next on the list is Northpark Mall on County Line Rd,  also in the city of Ridgeland.  Northpark mall was  built originally in 1984 as a premier shopping center to outshine MetroCenter Mall in Jackson which was starting to decline.  Northpark is your typical indoor mall that has several large anchor stores, which are currently Dillards, Belk and JC Penney.  The mall has changed ownership recently and has undergone a face lift.  There are lots of store inside, but probably not any names that you might recognize like there are at Renaissance Mall.  There is also a food court and a movie theatre at Northpark Mall. 

3.     The third one was a little harder, because honestly, there’s lots of smaller shopping areas that aren’t considered malls to choose from.  But, if I had to pick a 3rd, I’m going with one that is actually in the city of Madison, which is the Forum at Grandview.  This is also more a strip style shopping center, but it’s a little more high end then a lot of strip malls.  Some of the retailers to note are Dicks Sporting goods, Best Buy, Ulta, Home Goods, and Petco.  There’s also a movie theatre here.  There’s plenty of dining here too and right down the street is a Sams Club and a Walmart!  


So, While there’s no Neiman Marcus or Nordstrom in our area, we really do have plenty of other options. Today, I mentioned all the larger chain stores around, but there’s actually a plethora of small boutiques that are great options too! I love to visit these shops for gifts or something special for any occasion.   Don’t forget to shop small yall!


There’s also plenty of other large big box shops in Madison County that are conveniently located like the Costco!  It’s located in Ridgeland and just completed construction about 2 years ago!  So that sums up my shopping, if you have any questions, drop a comment below!  I’m happy to answer!


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May 3, 2022

Parks in Madison MS

Hey guys!  Todays Blog is a look at the 2 best parks in Madison MS.  Read below, or check out the video to see which Madison MS park is better...Liberty Park or Strawberry Patch Park.  


So first, let’s look at Liberty Park.  Liberty Park is located on the east side of Madison off Madison Ave.  Liberty Park has a nice playground, sand volleyball courts, 8 baseball/softball fields, soccer fields, restrooms, and a walking trail.  Liberty Park is definitely the larger of the 2 parks.  Today, while I was filming, a few kids asked me if I was doing a YouTube video…they promised to subscribe to my channel, which I thought was hilarious and were very eager to be in my video.   There’s always plenty of kids any time of day at the park!  But there are a few rules!  One of which to note is that dogs aren’t allowed. :(  Liberty Park is located next to Rosa Parks school, which is the Madison public school where all the 9th graders go!  9th Graders have their own campus to give them a transitional period from the Middle School to High School…I think this is a pretty unique situation…I remember those days of going into high school and it was so hard! As I’ve mentioned in my other videos, Madison public schools consistently get A ratings year after year, which is one of the reasons it’s the most desirable city in MS.  Be sure to check out NICHE.com or any other website to do your own research! Anyways, bordering the park to the North is the Hoy Rd/Highway 463 Corridor.  This is what I consider the center of Madison.  There’s a Chic fil -a, Walmart, Lowe’s, Academy Sports, and lots of other shopping and dining options



And our other contestant today is Strawberry Patch Park Madison MS.  Strawberry Patch park is located at the corner of St. Augustine and Old Canton Rd directly across the street from Madison Ridgeland Academy. Strawberry Patch Park features a one acre lake, lighted walking trails, restrooms, picnic tables, and a great playground for the kiddos!  There’s even a little free library here.  Personally, I think Strawberry Patch Park is the prettier of the 2 because of the lake and fountain…only problem is that attracts geese, and you know what geese like to do?   So, you must watch where you step!  And a friendly reminder…as noted by the lake…do NOT feed the Geese!  This should be obvious but seems like I always see someone there doing just that!  I know it’s tempting and cute, but they really are a nuisance!  There are some other rules posted at this park.  One of which is that is closes at 10pm every night.  The trail is lit, and I do see a good bit of people walking after dark…gotta get that exercise in when you can!


So, which park is better?  Who better to ask than my 8 year old…no hesitation, she thinks Liberty Park is better because it's bigger and there are more things to play on!  So there you have it!

Liberty Park Madison MS



 Strawberry Patch Park Madison MS



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May 1, 2022

Northbay Madison MS

Are you looking for a quiet gated community located in Madison, MS with lots of amenities, sidewalks, trails and acres of mature landscaping and trees?  If so, keep reading, or better yet, check out my YouTube Video for my neighborhood tour of Northbay.



So first, let’s talk about the location…Northbay is located East of Interstate 55 off Hoy Road. Just inside the city limits of Madison. It’s about a 20 minute drive to downtown Jackson and about a 5 minute drive to the city center of Madison, making it convenient to shopping and restaurants.  And for those of you who like to know how far the nearest grocery store is…It’s Approx. 2  miles to the Kroger on Hwy 51. Some of the 500 homes in the Northbay neighborhood are located on the 33,000 acre Ross Barnett Reservoir with direct boat access to the channel which leads to the big water.  There is a private marina in Northbay if boating appeals to you.  You can keep your boat here and enjoy fishing and skiing most months of the year.  Other amenities in Northbay include miles of walking trails on the old golf course, tennis courts, and a pool.


During the early 1990’s Northbay was developed as an exciting new golf community in Madison.  After several years however, the golf course closed.  You can still see a good bit of the old course which today is used for green space and walking trails.  It’s still a beautiful, vibrant community nestled amongst mature trees and landscaping.  Northbay is a great reminder of what makes Madison so special.  And, in case this is one of the first Madison neighborhood blogs of mine that you’re watching, be sure to check out the Video I did about why Madison is consistently rated as one of the top cities to live in!  In that video I go into detail describing why Madison gets an A+ rating on NICHE.com for our schools, safety, and all the things that make a city a great place to live.


So, let’s get to the good stuff…what’s a home in Northbay cost?  Well, During the last 2 years, there were 63 homes sold, ranging in price from the mid $200’s all the way up to around $500k.  But the average sold price during this time period was $298k.  Homes in Northbay are mostly 4 bedrooms, and average around 2800 sq feet in size. Many of the homes are on quarter to half acre lots with mature landscaping!  There’s even a yard of the month club for all you folks with that green thumb!  Northbay HOA fees are currently $660 annually.  And one other thing to note…Northbay is located on PRV leasehold land.  This is an annual fee paid to Pearl River Valley authority to maintain the reservoir and is assessed to most of the homes along the reservoir to maintain our beautiful recreational water source.  These fees vary, but as of today the average leasehold fee in Northbay is around $900 per year.  Now, if you’re not familiar with the Reservoir, be sure to check out the video I did on Lost Rabbit!  There’s some great info and drone footage of the Rez.  


Next let’s talk about schools.  Northbay is located in the Madison Avenue Elementary school zone  (which is only about 2 miles away) and Madison Middle and Madison Central High School.  It’s also less than a 2 mile drive to Madison Ridgeland Academy.


Northbay Madison MS





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April 20, 2022

Annandale Madison MS


Hi Folks, if you love golf, or even the idea of living on a beautiful golf course, hang around for a few minutes for this neighborhood tour of Annandale in Madison, MS and Check out this You Tube Video

 Annandale is located just west of the Madison Exit of Interstate 55, a quick 20 minute drive to downtown Jackson.

 Driving into Annandale is such a site for sore eyes!  The green scenery connects you with nature.  There are houses for all types of buyers, from homes with three or four bedrooms to larger homes with 6 bedrooms.  Most homes in Annadale were built in the mid 1990’s, but there are a few scattered about built in the last 10 years. During the last 2 years there were 58 homes sold in Annandale for an average price of $298k.  Homes in Annadale range in price from the mid $200’s up to mid $400’s and average around 2,600 sq feet.  There is a little expansive clay in Annandale, so make sure you’re working with an experienced agent that is familiar with the area and can explain expansive clay to you!

 Here’s a neat little history of Annandale: The name Annandale was brought to Mississippi in 1820 by the John T Johnstone of North Carolina, who was the great nephew of the Earl of Annandale in Scotland.  John Johnstone bought 2500 acres near the Mannsdale Community. A large log cabin was built in 1840, which was their first home, known as Annandale, in honor of the Johnstone's ancestral Scottish lands. In 1859 John and Margaret Johhnson built a 40 room 3 story Italian Renaissance house where they lived with their descendants until the home burned in 1924.  The community began from there and grew into what is known as the Annandale neighborhood today in Madison MS.


The amenities in Annandale include a pool, tennis courts.

But, of course, Annandale is most famous for the historic Annandale Golf Club Madison MS.

The Golf course, which is the heart and soul of the Annandale, is ranked as the #1 private club in Mississippi, A masterful creation by the legendary Jack Nicklaus. It’s a golfing oasis with 300 acres of ultimate golfing experience. Annandale hosted the 1986 US Mid-Amateur championship and several Mississippi state golf association events. Annandale has also been ranked by Golf Digest as one of the top 100.

The Annandale Golf course has 18 holes with a Par of 72. A score you all golfers would want to aim for! 

So what do you think about Annandale? if I can answer any question about this or anything else please feel free to reach out call me email me text me, post a comment down below.


Annandale Golf Course:

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April 6, 2022

How Much House Can I Afford

   So, you want to know just how much house you can afford?  Whether this is your first home purchase or your 5th, many people want to know just how much house they can afford.  Well, that depends! If you are planning to borrow funds from a bank, you need to think like a bank.  After all, it's the bank that will really own your home, and of course the bank wants to protect THEIR investment.  Most banks will look at your Debt to Income ratio to calculate how much house you can afford.  This DTI ratio is a simple calculation.  It compares your TOTAL monthly debts (mortgage payment, car payment, etc) to your monthly gross income.  And generally speaking, most banks say your monthly debt expenses should be less than 36% of your monthly income.  So, let's say your gross income is $5,000 each month and you are currently renting.  Your lease is up for renewal in 2 months, and you are thinking about purchasing your first home.  You have a monthly car payment of $600 and no other debts (yay for no credit card debt)!  So, your monthly mortgage payment (this includes taxes and insurance) can't exceed $1,585 each month.  You are currently renting for $1,300 each month, so you might as well go buy a home, right?  Well....maybe!  There are still some other things to consider...like a down payment!  Most types of loans require 3.5% to 5% down payment.  Reach out to a local lender and see what option is best for you!   And if you do have some smaller debts, like small loans or credit cards, consider paying them off first before you reach out to a lender.  Paying them off can lower your DTI and help you qualify for a larger loan.  Oh, and did I mention credit score?  Well, of course, credit score matters!  So, be sure to always pay on time!  Never make a payment late on any line of credit!

  So, back to our scenario above of the mortgage payment for $1,585.  Remember, that includes your property taxes and home insurance, which most lenders will collect with your principal and interest.  Let's assume you are looking for a home for sale in Madison, MS.  The average home price in Madison is $385,000.  Think you can afford it?  Let's dive a little deeper in that.  Using a simple loan calculator, plug in $385,000 on a 30 year loan at 3.5%, the principal and interest is $1,728.  So, you will know in this low inventory market that you will be looking at homes below the median price where the competition is fierce!  This is why is so important to reach out to a lender before you start home shopping!  So, now you've gotten pre approved with a lender who said you can spend up to $300,000.  You are excited to have that piece of paper, and now you can really start shopping!  When we are in a sellers market (to put it simply there are more buyers currently than sellers) this is measured by the local absorption rate (this compares how many homes sold in the last few months to how many homes are currently on the market) you know that you have to be a little aggressive to get that house you want!  You might even make a few offers and lose out to higher bidders.  That's ok!  Keep trying! Make sure you're working with the best real estate agent that knows how to get an offer accepted!  And having a little extra cash in this market helps!  So start saving!   Under this current scenario, if you wait 3 years, you would've spent nearly $47,000 on rent!  Chew on that for a minute!

  Ultimately it's the bank that will decide how much to lend you and there are many factors!  DTI and credit history are the main factors, but every bank is different.  So, if you think you are ready to purchase a home, get a good lender and a good real estate agent on your side!

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April 3, 2022

Thornberry Madison MS

Are you looking for new construction in Madison MS? Well, let's check out Thornberry.  You can see my YouTube Video, that includes a tour of one of the sample homes.  Thornberry is located on the West side of Interstate 55 off Deweese Rd.  It’s about a 30-35 minute drive to downtown Jackson.  Thornberry is a newer development started in 2019.  The master plan calls for 360 homes.  There are several lots yet to be built on, so if you’re looking to build your own custom home, there’s still plenty of room for that!  




During the last 2 years there were 67 homes sold (according to our MLS).  The Average home price is currently $440k for approximately 2,300 sq feet.  Most of the homes in Thornberry are 4 bedrooms and 3 bathrooms.  There isn’t currently any amenities in Thornberry and it’s unclear if there are plans to add them.  The annual HOA fees are currently $600. Thornberry is currently in phase 1, and according to the plat at the front entrance there is a future phase in the works, so maybe that phase will hold some amenities.  


Let’s talk about schools!  Thornberry in the Madison County School Zone.  It’s in the Mannsdale elementary school district, which is 3 miles away and Germantown middle and high schools.


There’s not any parks or fun amenities in the neighborhood, but there is a fun area nearby, it’s actually 4 miles to Livingston.  Livingston is actually in Flora, the next little town just to the northwest.  In Livingston, you’ll find a mercantile store, a few restaurants, and shops.  On Thursdays during spring and summer they also have a market, where local vendors set up outside and it’s a fun time for all!  So, be sure to check that out!


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March 29, 2022

Neighborhood tour of Stillhouse Creek

Hello!  Today we are doing a community tour of Stillhouse Creek in Madison. Click here for the YouTube Video


So first, let’s talk about the location.  Stillhouse Creek is located West of Interstate 55 off Catlett Road and is  just outside the city limits of Madison. It’s about a 25 minute drive to downtown Jackson and about a 10 minute drive to the city center of Madison. 

During the last 2 years, there were 76 homes sold, with an average price of around $265k.  Most of the homes are 3 bedrooms, 2 bath and average around 1,900 sq feet.


The circular drive entrance into Stillhouse Creek is beautiful and features lush landscaping and fountains.  This covenant protected community has a couple of neighborhood features including a playground and walking trails.  There isn’t a neighborhood pool though,  but the HOA fees are currently only $440 per year.  There’s probably around 200 or so homes in this community.  Houses in Stillhouse Creek go fast!  Most homes are on the market for less than a week, so if you’re looking for a home for sale in Madison schools that are smaller and more affordable than Madison’s average price of nearly $400k, be sure to keep an eye on Stillhouse Creek.


Next let’s talk about schools.  Stillhouse Creek is located in Madison County school zone for Mannsdale Elementary and Germantown middle and high Schools.  


As of today, there are no active listings in Stillhouse Creek, there’s only 4 pending listings. We are still in a sellers market in Madison (which means we have less than 3 months inventory currently).  So, when a home in Stillhouse Creek goes on the market right now, it’s probably under contract in 48 hours.  So don’t wait if you’re looking for a great home in Madison under $300k, and keep an eye on Stillhouse Creek!

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March 11, 2022

Wrights Mill Madison MS Homes for Sale

Today we are touring a community on the east side of Interstate 55 in Madison, Wright’s Mill.  Here's a link to my YouTube Video, be sure to check it out.  Wright's Mill is about a 20-minute drive to downtown Jackson and conveniently located close to dining and shops in Madison.  It’s less than a 5-minute drive to the city center of Madison, making it desirable if being in the heart of the city is important to you!


Wright’s mill is located along the Rice rd corridor just off the Natchez Trace and is probably best recognized by the huge water wheel at the main entrance. Also nearby is the ross Barnett reservoir (if you’re not familiar with the “REZ”, check out the video I did on Lost Rabbit, it has tons of info about living on the REZ). Most of the homes in Wrights Mill were built between 2002-2018. Wright’s Mill had 31 home sales in the last 2 years at an avg price pt of $456k with an average home size of 3,450 sq feet.  Most of the homes have 4-5 bedrooms and 3 baths.  


 Wright’s mill is a gated community featuring an amazing zero entry resort style pool, playground (que the playground video) and walking trails.  One of the thing that separates Wright’s Mill from many of the neighborhoods is their pool…It was constructed a few years ago and truly has that vacation vibe going on, it’s amazing!  I will admit, I was very impressed when I saw this pool...I’m trying to figure out how to get one in my neighborhood.   Another thing, I love and appreciate about this community is all the trees!  There are nice big shade trees all around this community (I’m so glad they didn’t clear cut these trees) .  There are also sidewalks throughout the neighborhood if you enjoy that leisurely walk after dinner.



Wright’s mill is less than 2 miles to Madison Avenue Elementary school and about 3 miles to Madison Ridgeland Academy, making it convenient if close proximity to schools is important to you.



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March 11, 2022

Lake Caroline Homes for Sale

If you're looking for a fun, vibrant community with all the bells and whistles, look no further!   Lake Caroline is a beautiful community located just west of interstate 55 in Madison county. It is approximately 25 to 30 minute drive to downtown jackson depending on traffic and there are currently around 1500 homes... and there are still new homes being built.  "Caroline" as it's called by the locals,  started in the late 1980s and i actually remember going out there as a teenager when there were just a few homes! It's hard to believe that nearly 30 years later there's 1500 homes and still more to come. There are two lakes in lake Caroline, the big lake which is Caroline, which is approximately 853 acres. Then a smaller 70 acre lake also! There are three pools one of which was just built about two years ago, two clubhouses, and  there's even a restaurant in the neighborhood called mermaid cafe. There's tennis courts, walking trails, playgrounds for the kiddos, and of course the 18-hole golf course with clubhouse. Lake caroline has lots of community events on a regular basis. They even have their own monthly magazine for neighbors!  price ranges in lake caroline range from around $300k to over a million dollars... which is one thing that i love about the neighborhood!  There is that there truly is a home for everyone.  Be sure to check out the YouTube Video I made on Lake Caroline that has lots of great drone footage.  Another great thing...there's almost always a home for sale in Lake Caroline, Madison, MS!

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