If you’re looking for a Realtor in Madison MS, you’ve come to the right place now keep reading because this is not your typical fluff piece!  Your home is probably the most expensive single purchase you’ll ever make in your life.  And finding someone that you trust to guide you through that journey is so hard.  Unfortunately, the world of real estate agents is filled with people with little education that passed a far too simple exam and bam, they are now a real estate agent!  The National Association of Realtors study shows that 87% of realtors fail within the first 5 years of getting their license.  Wow!  I doubt that any other industry has a failure rate that high!  So, with that in mind, here are our top 5 steps to choosing your realtor!


1.        Interview more than one agent!  This should be obvious, but so many people just go with the first Agent they get on the phone!  And speaking of phone, if you leave an agent a message and it takes them more than 24 hours to call you back, consider how they will be during the transaction time. Communication is EVERYTHING when working with your agent!  I’m not saying they should answer 24/7, because we all have lives!  In fact, I DO NOT answer my phone from 8pm-7am.  That is family time, but if call or text outside of those hours, you can bet your pants I’ll be responding to you same day!  Back to the interview, when you’re talking to agents, ask them how long they’ve been licensed, if less than 5 years, think about that NAR statistic I just mentioned…will they be here when you’re ready to sell in a few years?  Do you really want to go thru this process of picking an agent again?  Surely not!

2.        Google your agent!! Make sure they have plenty of google reviews, take a minute to read a few of them.  Do the reviews highlight things that you think are important in an agent?  If you can’t find your agent on the web, chances are they either aren’t a full-time agent (there are so many agents that are part time, and I don’t recommend this type of agent especially if you’re new to an area).  

3.        Ask your agent how long they’ve lived in the area where you’ll be buying or selling.  This is so important, yet often overlooked. Don’t be afraid to ask why they recommend one area over another. Tell them what you want in a home and neighborhood.  I’ve lived in Madison, MS for over 20 years, and can tell you every neighborhood in the area and why it would fit with want you want or why it won’t! Don’t always pick the big-name brokerages, many times, that’s where the newer unseasoned agents will go right after passing the exam.  Consider a smaller boutique brokerage with a small team that serves your specific area.

4.        Ask them about the current market.  If they can’t answer you satisfactorily off the top of their head, fun for hills!  Any good agent is in tune with the market and studies it everyday and should be able to tell you honestly how the current market is at any time.

5.        Ask them how much they charge.  I’m always surprised at how many people don’t know how real estate agents are compensated.  So ask!  Ask them how buyer vs. seller agents are compensated in your market.  Ask them what they will be charging you.  It's crucial that you understand this before signing any contract!  Do you want an agent that charges less and do more of the work yourself?  Or do you prefer a more white glove approach and don’t mind paying a little more?  Remember, this is one of the biggest purchases of your life, it might not be time to skimp! 


Once you’ve done these 5 steps with at least 3 agents, listen to your gut.  Pick the agent that you feel comfortable communicating with, because this person will be in our life day to day for the next several months. Hopefully you’ll find a person you can trust and an agent you can use and refer to friends and family for life!

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