How did the Town of Lost Rabbit get its name?

Did anyone find that Rabbit?

This is a legend on its own. The story of how Lost Rabbit Madison, MS, got its name goes back to the '60s when a group of teenagers hanging out on the then undeveloped land on the banks of the Rez, shot a rabbit and when they came back the next day to get it, it was gone. No one knows for sure if this is true, but that's that is the most common story.


Where is Lost Rabbit Madison, MS, found on the map?

Lost Rabbit is located East of Interstate 55 off Hoy Road, Just outside the city limits of Madison. It's about a 20-25 minute drive to downtown Jackson and about a 5-minute drive to the city center of Madison, making the Town of lost rabbit convenient to shopping and restaurants. It's Approx. 2.5  miles to the Kroger on Hwy 51. Lost Rabbit is located on the 33,000-acre Ross Barnett Reservoir, which is the reason it truly has the best views in all of Central MS. 


Any New construction homes in the Town?

The master plan for LR calls for approx. 700 homes and there are currently about 200 homes, so there's still lots of opportunity for new construction if that's important to you. Here's a link to ALL ACTIVE LISTINGS IN LOST RABBIT


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 The Serenity surrounding the Lost Rabbit homes 

As soon as you pull into the Town of Lost Rabbit, you'll notice the unique architecture of homes lining the main Boulevard street. I believe this is part of what makes Lost Rabbit so beautiful.  From the 2nd story balconies of the grander houses to the smaller carriage-style homes, or the big waterfront lots, there really is something for everyone here.  In addition, many of the homes in Lost Rabbit have great entertaining patio areas where neighbors can visit with each other and enjoy the breeze off the lake.


Transportation and Commute

Driving into Lost Rabbit is probably my favorite part of the day, And I'm lucky to say I get to do this every day. There is a .4 mile stretch of road through the forest of the Natchez Trace Parkway, which is federally owned land. Driving thru this gorgeous tree-lined road always helps to decompress and puts a smile on my face every time! 


Events and Enjoying the 'Rez'ervoir

LR is located on the Ross Barnett Reservoir.  The "rez," as it's known by the locals, was built in the 1960s to help control flooding down the pearl river.  The water level is controlled and maintained by the Pearl River Valley Authority. So, what do people do on the REZ, you might ask?  


There's champion fishing, skiing, camping, and a few trails along the Natchez trace.  It is an area attraction that draws 2.5 million tourists each year.  There are an additional 10,000 acres of forest land surrounding the Rez inhabited by natural wildlife.


At the Town Center of Lost Rabbit, you'll find a marina where you can park your boat overlooking the neighborhood pool.  Currently, there are a few condos and offices in the town center.  There is a general store and coming soon, The Rabbit Hole restaurant and bar.


The Good Life at Lost Rabbit Madison MS

Lost Rabbit is a fun community too. In addition to the neighborhood park and pool, the neighborhood regularly hosts farmers' markets, food truck nights, and the big event of the year, which is done on the 4th of July, where all of the neighbors line up in their golf carts at the fire pit and parade down to the marina, led by our local firehouse engine where we all enjoy dinner and drinks together.  


We cap off the evening with spectacular fireworks show over the Rez.  The sight of the fireworks reflecting off the water at night is something you must see!  And on the VERY rare occasion that it snows, there are some great hills for sledding! :)


Lost Rabbit Madison MS 


The scenic views and greenery

Many people consider living in Lost Rabbit a little like vacation living…simply because the views here are unmatched by anywhere else in central MS. 


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