Why are people moving to Mississippi in 2024?  Is it the housing, the affordability or the lifestyle?  Well, we’re covering all of that, so read below or check out our YouTube Video!


So, first a little about Mississippi…the last census in 2020 showed a population for our state is just under 3 million with about ½ million of those living in Central MS which is where we focus our channel.


Hi, I’m Donna Taylor, and in today’s video, I’ll talk about the 5 main reasons why people are moving to Mississippi and what states they are moving here from.  We’ve helped a lot of people just like you move to MS from other states over the last 2.5 years since we started our YT channel.  So, if you’re thinking about moving here and want to see what a typical, average priced home in our area sales for…stay tuned to the end and we’ll tour an active listing.  


But first, let’s talk about the first reason folks are moving here…and by the way, my 5 reasons are in no particular order, because it’s really based on individual needs and wants.  But the first thing I’ll discuss today is affordability.  And of course, for most people, the biggest cost  they’ll incur in life is their home.  So, it’s no wonder why people are attracted to states where home prices are stable and affordable.  In the metro Jackson area of the state, which is where I am today, average home costs are around $250k - $450k depending on which town you choose, but both Rankin County to the east of the city of Jackson, or Madison County to the north both have great school districts, low crime rates, and growing cities. The real estate taxes in either of these county’s are likely lower than other parts of the country…around $2,000 a year for a $350,000.  Mississippi has grown slowly but surely in the last few years as people that are retiring or for remote workers looking for a cheaper place to live and raise a family.  And where are these people coming from?  Surprisingly they are coming from other southern states.  According to Stacker.com https://stacker.com/mississippi/states-sending-most-people-mississippi 16% of people that moved to MS during the last year, moved here from TX.  I’ve helped a few of those former Texans myself that wanted to live in a nice city, but without all the traffic and headaches of a large Metropolis.  We’ve also relocated several folks from FL and Louisiana that are escaping rising home insurance costs and hurricanes…yet want to state in a warm climate. A small percentage of people are also moving here from the west coast seeking a more conservative state, there’s no shortage of hospitality here…which brings me to my next reason that people are seeking out Mississippi is the community.  


While we might not have tons of things to do like Major League Sports teams or high-tech jobs, we make up for in community.  Mississippi’s nickname is the Hospitality State and people that relocate here from outside the southern US are always remarking about how friendly the people here are.  So, don’t be surprised if you’re here for a visit and see a complete stranger wave and say hello!   I’m always surprised at my clients that ask how people here will react to a “outside” moving here.  I think some people rely too much on the old cliché’s of MS being a closed off, or too much of a rich cultural heritage, but I think that’s what makes the State so unique.  Many of our clients are impressed after visiting here, how much they underestimated the diversity of our towns! There is so much history here, so if you are up for a trip, I encourage you to make a visit, you won’t regret it! 


Another reason people are moving to Mississippi is the warm climate.  A few of our new residents we’ve helped move here from states like Michigan, Idaho and Wisconsin decided to relocate here because they never wanted to shovel snow or see freezing tempatures again.  Here in Central MS is almost never snows. About once every few years, we’ll get an inch of snow that melts away the next day.  So, if you currently live in a state where you’re wearing your heavy coat most of the winter and are looking to get it rid of it permanently, consider a state like Mississippi where our average winter temps for Central MS are 60 degree highs and lows that rarely get below freezing!  Mississippi is a perfect place to call home for outdoor enthusiasts too…unless you’re looking for winter sports of course!  We have lots of lakes for fishing or boating, acres and acres of wildlife for hunting or birdwatching, and lots of great spots for Camping.  Mississippi averages around 54 inches or rain each year, keeping our beautiful surroundings lush and green. 


Last on the list is the economic growth.  The current governor of Mississippi has been working really hard over his years on office to bring significant economic growth to Mississippi. The state won projects totalling $5.4 billion in capital investment in 2022, a record amount, according to the Mississippi Development Authority, including an announcement last year by Steel Dynamics that is investing $2.5 billion creating 1,000 jobs in eastern Mississippi.  While it may be very slow growth, it’s trending in the right direction.


If you’re thinking of moving to Central MS, be sure and check out our website www.taylorgroupms.com, it has all the MLS listings and is updated every 10 minutes.  If you enjoyed this video, I’m sure you’ll like the rest on our YT channel, which you can find here!


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